A low FODMAP diet can help you discover which foods are triggering your gas, bloating or Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. It may also lead to constipation due to the restriction of high-fiber foods.

In this white paper, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Derek Timm provides tips to help you address the fiber deficiency, without worsening of symptoms, during the elimination phase of the low FODMAP dietary program.

One tip is to use a fiber supplement. ”But be selective,” writes the Monash University-trained dietitian. “Some fiber supplements are high in FODMAPs. Fiber supplements containing inulin, GOS, wheat dextrin and IMOs, are all ingredients which should be avoided by those looking to reduce FODMAPs in their diet.”

Sunfiber is a Monash University Low FODMAP certified™ fiber. All-natural Sunfiber, derived from the guar bean, moves food through the gut at just the right pace, and without causing excess gas or bloating.

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